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What Is Robotic Myomectomy?

What Is Robotic Myomectomy?

Myomectomy is the surgical removal process of fibroids which is found in the uterus. The Robotic Myomectomy aims to bring together the best sides of the methods of open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. The Robotic Technology makes it possible to remove big-sized myomas without bleeding, that cannot be operated with closed surgery using laparoscopic surgery methods, regardless of the location of myomas. In this way, unnecessary open surgery can be avoided. Because of the movement ability and suture capability of the robotic devices, it is possible to repair the opening on the uterus wall, caused by the removal of myomas  In Robotic Surgery, same as open surgery. Thus, in future pregnancies, the risk of a rupture on the uterus can be avoided.

Not every patient who has myomas needs a surgical operation. If a Myomectomy operation is needed, Robotic Myomectomy can offer lots of advantages. The sizes and locations of myomas determine whether the operation can be performed or not. Some of the patients might not be suitable for Robotic Myomectomy.

What are the Advantages of Robotic Myomectomy?

  • It is safe for future pregnancies.
  • The patient experiences less pain due to the small sizes of incisions.
  • Less bleeding risk.
  • The incision scar is very small, almost unnoticeable.
  • Patients spend less time in the clinic after surgery, usually, patients can be discharged from the clinic the following day.
  • Small incision scar heals fast, patients experience less pain and they go back to their routine life and can go to work in a week.

How Robotic Myomectomy is applied?

In Robotic Myomectomy surgery, small incisions will be cut on the abdomen. A 10 mm assistant port for the camera, an 8mm assistant port for 2 instruments and another 10 mm assistant port will be placed inside the incisions. After placing the robot and other instruments, an injection is needed for less bleeding and finally, last incisions will be cut on the uterus wall, just over the myomas. After the removal of myomas, the uterus Wall will be repaired on 2-3 layers. Finally, the myomas which are separated from the uterine wall are then removed by in small pieces through the incisions.

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