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For the first time in Turkey, she performed the operation to remove the uterus from a single hole with LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY (without any trace).

The first closed uterine surgery was performed at Ege University Hospital. Ayten Baki's uterus was removed by entering through her navel. This method does not leave any traces on the body. Success from surgeons: A first was achieved at the EGE University Medical Faculty Hospital. From Obstetrics and Gynecology, Assoc. Dr. The team headed by Fatih Şendağ tried the laparoscopic (bloodless and knifeless closed operation) method in uterine surgery. 43-year-old Ayten Baki's uterus was removed by entering through her navel.

"No one will believe it."
Mother of TWO children, Baki has no traces left on her body. Even she was very surprised, she said, "No one will believe that I had the operation, because there is no scar anywhere. However, I thought that my stomach would be cut from length to length. When this method was recommended, I accepted. I both recovered and got rid of the stab wound, I am very happy."

The risks are also very low.
Assoc. Dr. Şendağ also stated that laparoscopy provides healing without creating aesthetic problems and that is why it is important, he said: "Also, the treatment period is short. The patient is discharged the day after the operation. The possible risk is also low. We now use this method in gynecological diseases.''


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