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World Gynecologists Live Lesson from Turkish doctor

A first in the world, Prof. Dr., who took the uterus of a female patient at Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital with laparoscopic surgery (closed surgery without a trace from the navel) the previous day. Fatih Şendağ's operation was watched by his colleagues around the world.

Connected live to the congress held in Lisbon and attended by 500 gynecology specialists from various countries, Prof. Dr. Şendağ, on the one hand, while performing the operation, on the other hand, explained the method to the gynecologists. Şendağ was congratulated on the end of the operation, which attracted great attention in Lisbon, Portugal.
space technology

President of the Turkish Gynecological Endoscopy Association, who has participated in many international conferences, Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ stated that he was the only Turkish gynecologist invited to the congress and said:

“In recent years, there have been significant developments in laparoscopic, that is, closed surgery techniques. Operations started from a single hole. For the first time in Turkey and in the world, I performed the operation of removing the uterus with robotic surgery through a single hole. I showed Lisbon the technique of this. In the closed surgery technique, there is less postoperative pain, less risk of infection, shorter hospital stay, more cosmetic and earlier return to work. Therefore, it provides very important advantages to the patient. While there are 3-4 holes in the classical laparoscopic operation, with this new technique, scarless surgery is performed without any other incision in the abdomen, thanks to the operations by entering only through the navel. In addition, these surgeries have started to be performed with robotic surgery, which is now accepted as space technology.”

It was stated that this operation was performed because the female patient had fibroids in her abdomen and did not respond to long-term drug treatment. It was learned that the patient was discharged yesterday morning after the operation.


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