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What is anamnesis?

The first procedure applied to couples who apply to our clinic due to infertility and gynecological problems is a careful history taking. In medical language, the process of taking a history is called anamnesis.

While taking anamnesis from the couples by our doctor, an interview is held in which medical background, habits and professional conditions are questioned. In this interview, possible causes of infertility are sought in detail.

While preparing the anamnesis form, environmental effects are questioned as important. Toxic substances that couples may be exposed to in their working environment, working conditions and stress are taken into account.

In addition, the couple is asked about the duration of their marriage, whether they have been treated for any infertility before, and whether they have used a contraceptive method.

In addition, in the anamnesis, the patient's menstrual cycle, whether the menstrual periods are painful, and whether there are complaints such as pain, burning, and discharge during sexual intercourse are investigated.

In addition to this information, a medical history is taken for endocrinological diseases.

Past operations, diseases, medications used by the couple are recorded and any related condition is investigated.

Smoking, alcohol use and eating habits are investigated.

They are asked about the frequency of sexual intercourse, the problems they experience during this intercourse, and whether a vaginal douche is taken afterwards.

Then, general examinations of our couple are made and blood pressure and weight measurements are made if necessary.


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