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Does Chocolate Cyst prevent conception? Can Endometriosis Patients Conceive With IVF?

Chocolate cyst is seen in 25-30% of women diagnosed with infertility.

There may be various reasons why endometriosis cannot prevent conception, some of which may cause adhesions in the reproductive organs and prevent the egg from reaching the tubes. It may cause tubal obstruction due to the adhesion formed at the ends of the tubes. It can cause a chocolate cyst to settle in the ovaries and prevent the formation of healthy eggs or decrease the egg reserve. The natural pregnancy rate increases by 40% after endometriosis surgery. If a natural pregnancy does not occur, in vitro fertilization can be done from assisted reproductive methods.

Can endometriosis patients get pregnant with IVF method?

In women with endometriosis, 60% of the first attempt pregnancy occurs with in vitro fertilization treatment, depending on their age.


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