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Young Women but Old Ovary

If there is early menopause in your family, get an ovary test!

In recent years, women's participation in working life more, making a career, are among the reasons that delay the marriage age. However, delaying having children for the sake of pursuing a career means that the chances of having children in the future are completely gone. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Stating that the calendar age can be deceiving most of the time, Fatih Şendağ says, "Calendar age and ovarian age are not the same. Sometimes the ovarian age of an 18-year-old girl can be 45. This may mean that the ovarian reserve is depleted and she cannot be a mother."

Emphasizing that early menopause is also very important, apart from the difference between calendar age and ovarian age in order to become a mother, Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ says, "It is beneficial for young girls to have their ovarian reserve checked. Because if their mothers, aunts, aunts and grandmothers entered menopause at a young age, the ovarian reserve should be looked at in a younger girlhood." Stating that the average age of menopause in Turkey is 49 and the European average is 51, Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ gives the following information about the egg reserve of women:

"Women are born with a certain egg reserve when they are born, and there are 300 thousand egg cells at puberty. As they get older, the number of egg cells decreases. Some women have a problem with the rate of depletion of this reserve, that is, their egg reserves run out faster. Ovarian reserve can be depleted quickly genetically, environmental factors are also effective, all the foods we consume today contain some chemical substances.In addition, radiation exposure, radiotherapy, chemotherapy also affect the reserve.Due to these and similar negativities, women are exposed to premature ovarian aging at a higher rate, and their fertility capacity is negatively affected. Although there was no early menopause in the family in the past, early menopause may occur in later individuals. This negatively affects fertility."


Expressing that women's ovarian reserve will run out without being aware of it, in case of some conditions, it is absolutely necessary to test. Dr. Fatih Şendağ lists them as follows:

- Having undergone ovarian surgery.

- Presence of relatives who entered early menopause in the family.

-Having a chocolate cyst. Because in this case, egg development is affected.

Expressing that he believes that having an ovarian reserve checked is not harmful despite everything, Prof. Dr. Fatih Şendağ underlines the following important points:

"Most young women come to the obstetrician for examination after marriage. This risk increases as the age of marriage moves to advanced ages. Also, those who have undergone ovarian surgery sometimes at a very young age need to be very careful. The beautiful approach of the young person is not always valid for ovarian reserves. Especially chocolate cyst. Patients should have reserve tests. They should take this into account when deciding on surgery."

What can young women with low reserves do?

Now there's something to do. Egg freezing has been practiced in Europe for many years. With the change made by our Ministry very recently, women with reserve problems will be able to freeze their eggs. This is a very important development for our country. Now, women whose reserves are under threat due to pre-cancer treatment, family history of early menopause, ovarian surgery and similar reasons will be able to freeze their eggs. Of course, these procedures will be carried out in IVF centers. Therefore, our patients now need to research centers with good ice cream facilities.


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